Asset tokenization

What is asset tokenization?

Tokenization allows the mobile to make a real estate, to give visibility to an intangible asset, to transfer a value without formalities, to make an illiquid liquid value, to automate manual processes.
There are many use cases for tokenized assets :

• The tokenization of non-fungible assets, such as houses, vintage cars, objects of art, for example to regulate the successor aspects by transferring the tokens to life to the future heir as proof of the owner's last will when the latter is still alive
• The tokenization of company shares, which allows shareholders to "own" a token that represents company shares, to vote at the general meeting, to receive dividends automatically, to transfer shares without the need for written form, to automate the holding of the register of shareholders
• The tokenization of financial products, which can switch values liquids that otherwise have little market to operate without the need for intermediaries

The tokenraise module allows you to generate and manage the token you want to issue for your purposes.

Credit security token: the token represents a credit security (eg share, bond). The token allows to guarantee the transfer of the same only to people who have previously identified themselves with the company (whitelisting). The token allows you to generate a register of shareholders, eliminating the need to manage this task. Dividends can be paid directly to the wallet that holds the token. The token can allow digital voting by ensuring that only the owner of the token has the right to vote. In case of loss of the token, the amortization procedure allows to replace it.
Non-fungible tokens: the token that represents a single and determined asset on the blockchain. There will be no other token similar to this one. The token can be used to represent unique objects.
Fungible tokens: the token of use, used for example to create coupons or points that can be used for marketing purposes by your e-commerce or sold as credits for the purchase of goods or services of the issuer .

The tokenraise platform also allows you to manage the token issued, that is:

• Creation of additional tokens (e.g. in the event of a capital increase)
• Replacement of lost tokens
• Elimination of tokens

The platform also guarantees the possibility of regaining possession of the issuing rights of the token in case of loss of access .

Costs for issuing tokens

Launch offer! With the tokenraise platform by LegalLAB you can use all services for CHF 1'000 during 90 days!

Creation of credit security tokens CHF 1'900
Creation of standard fungible tokens (utility tokens) CHF 900
Creation of ERC-721 standard non-fungible tokens CHF 1'700
Mint (increase of the number of tokens, for example for capital increase) CHF 500
Burn (deletion of tokens, e.g. for depreciation procedure) CHF 500
Freeze (block of transfer of tokens, for example for tokens placed under guarantee) CHF 500
Revoke (revocation of tokens, for example for stolen tokens) CHF 500
Transfer of token control to a third party (including controls of Mint, Burn, Freeze and Revoke) CHF 600
Recovery (recovery of tokens in case of wallet loss) CHF 1'100
Whitelisting (need for wallet identification before token transfer) CHF 2'900

LegalLAB also offers you tokenization execution by professionals. In this case, you don't have to do anything, our experts will take care of issuing and managing the token according to your requests .

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