Bounty Program

How to earn credits with LegalLAB

Our goal is to deliver high quality services to as many companies as possible and you can help us reaching this scope by gaining credits to be used on our platform.

How does it work?

It’s easy, you can earn credits:

by giving us a valuable information or comment about our services (e.g. if you inform us about a translation error in one of our agreement)

by sending us agreements or documents, which we will agree to publish on our platform

by introducing us to a new client

by mentioning LegalLAB on social networks

Just send us a mail at proving your commitment in order to receive the Bounty (e.g. suggest a quality improvement, attach a new agreement, send us copy of the mail you sent to a new potential LegalLAB client, send us the link to the social media where you mentioned LegalLAB) and you will receive your free credit in the form of a voucher.

The LegalLAB team will determine the value of the action you have taken and reward it by paying a voucher credit directly to your account. Don't be afraid: we are extremely generous, what matters most to us is that our community is satisfied.

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