LegalLAB is a company that provides legal documents drawn up by leading law firms and the best LawTech solutions offered by the market

Our LawTech modules

"LawTech" is the term used to describe technologies that aim to support, complement or replace traditional methods of providing legal services and that improve and simplify the use of legal services. LawTech focuses on creating end-user applications that enable you to acquire legal services and knowledge without requiring the intervention of a law firm.

LegalLAB searches for the best LawTech service providers and provides its users with innovative solutions, which allow them to manage complex problems and facilitate processes.

Contact us if you wish to propose the distribution of a LawTech service through LegalLAB.

Our models of internal guidelines

LegalLAB makes available to its users the internal directives, regulations and opinions necessary for the ordinary management of your company. Documents can be downloaded in one click and easily filled out to allow you to promptly complete your projects, manage your staff or adapt your company to current regulations. Choose the service you need and explore the available templates easily.

Contact us if you don't find the right model for your business.

Our models of contracts

Our models are available for you!

LegalLAB offers you a wide choice of contracts, drawn up in compliance with applicable regulations to help you manage external relationships with suppliers and customers. The contracts are described and can be viewed in advance before being downloaded.

Our contracts also contain several options to allow you to customize the document as much as possible with your specific situation.

Contact us if you don't find the right model for your business.

Ad hoc consultancy

Can't find what you are looking for?

Doubts about the interpretation of the downloaded contract?

Dealing with a specific case that requires a targeted solution?

No problem! Our team of lawyers, active in all Switzerland, is ready to offer you personalized advice and to intervene if necessary.

Contact us to know more.

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